Arjay (crazyarjay) wrote in midnightcafedjs,

Compliance....the answer, finally!

I know I've emailed this to some of you, but others of you, I don't have email addys for at work, so I'm posting this here too.

To remain compliant, we need to all select certain music that we will ALWAYS use for breaks, ID's, etc., and put the following in the ID3 tags:

Title: [whatever.....I usually put "SHHHHH! Arjay's Talking!"]
Artist: ID/PSA
Album: ID/PSA

And that will cause the "Compliance Filter" on Live365 to ignore those tracks.

No, you may not use that on tracks that you just don't know the information on.....use to look it up.

As much as possible, please use music that you have either purchased the CD for, or legally downloaded tracks.
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