Arjay (crazyarjay) wrote in midnightcafedjs,

MCR - To be, or not to be?

I'm sure most of you have noticed that I haven't been on the air for the past few months. Between wedding stuff, moving, and real-life stuff in general, I just haven't had much chance or desire to broadcast. And now, I'm finding that I just don't really have the desire to go back to it.

What does that mean for the station? Well, for starters, I'm paying $23.96 per month for something that I don't use. I can't really continue to justify that in my budget.

So, the breakdown.....if anyone is interested in taking over the station, please let me know ASAP. If nobody takes it over before the next billing cycle (September 4th is when they charge me for the station), I'm going to simply let it be shut down.

It's been fun, and I might want to do an occasional show in the future, but for right now I'm just not into it.
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I'm thinking that might be the best course of action for the moment - as much fun as I've had doing radio shows in the past, I'm not sure if it's worthwhile to pay for it given the fact that no one is doing shows regularly anymore.
Yeah, neither Robert nor myself really has the desire to go back on the air at this point or anytime soon. We're liking having weekends free and not having to take the time to plan shows and everything else, being newlyweds we have found other priorities. It might happen at a later time, but right now we don't want to pay for a service we aren't using and have no desire to use. It's not a HUGE amount of money, but we're not using it. We're trying to trim expenses we aren't using, not to mention if something comes up with the broadcasts from a legal perspective, we are ill-equipped to deal with that and neither of us has much of an interest in dealing with that at the moment. If someone else wants to take it over and take that on, they're more than welcome.
hate to see it go but i dont have the means to keep it going financially, especially since it isnt being used. maybe someday it can be resurrected.